Monday, November 12, 2012


Dealing with Mondays. Living with the fact of Mondays. Knowing that, at times, there can be several Mondays in any given week.
Do you like Mondays or despise them with a passion that borders on the criminally insane?
Monday use to always be a pain for me. The beginning of something, although, technically Sunday is the first day of the week. Sunday is cool, because we are still in the weekend on Sunday.
Monday begins the work week for many. It begins a challenge that many dread. Facing yet another five days of working at something that is necessary but not enjoyed, something that pays the bills, most of the time, but does not fulfill ones dreams.
I like Mondays. It's just one more day for me to find something to have fun with. For example, I am working on a new book. You should already know this of course since this is a blog about writing. I made up a new cover for it and played with that for several hours. My wife liked it. She said it was the best cover I've done so far.
That is one reason I like all the days of the week. I get feedback, positive most of the time. A cheering squad all for me! Even when the cheering is less than enthusiastic, as it has been from time to time, it is still MY cheering section. It gives me hope, builds my confidence and it gives me a wonderful person to bounce ideas off of.
She would circle that last part, the 'off of'. She would tell me to change it, that isn't proper English, but, I talk like that. We tend to write the way we speak. She would say 'Why did you do this?', and give me an idea to change the sentence or the character or the chapter, just by asking the question.
Sometimes the cheering is indeed muted, like the time I handed my wife the manuscript for 'Emma' to read for the seventh time. She found errors. Again. But she did it, she read through it page by page and word by word. She used her red pen and wrote notes in the margin, circled words and dove into her copy of 'Proofreading for Idiots' again and again.
 Mondays can be fun. Any day can be exciting. Just find someone, anyone, who can be an encouragement to you, to drive you forward, not with a whip or a threat, but with hope and kind words. Occasionally, the use of gentle criticism is needed by all of us. If you have been able to find a person who can do needed, constructive criticism gently, then you are  a most fortunate person.
Find a chat group, another author who needs a friendly ear, get into a forum, join the mad men and women in NaNoWriMo and find more poor souls who are driven to create like you.
Just don't stop because it's Monday.
Mondays can be fun.
See what I did with my Monday?

What will you do with yours?

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