Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm stuck. I'm writing my book(s) and this blog and making notes on several other books and notes on this and future blogs and I just realized that i haven't actually written anything.
I'm doing stuff for future writing, some editing, (which goes against NaNoWriMo totally!) but I haven't put a word to paper in the continuation of the book to be.
While it is true that it was 7 A.M. and I'd only been home for an hour, I did this yesterday afternoon as well. I need to finish SOMETHING!
Besides my next cup of coffee, that is.
We get stuck doing little things and stop doing the things we were going to do before we got in that rut, and a rut is a grave with open ends. Gotta break out somehow.
So I shut down my laptop. I know. Shutting it off instead of working on the books is sort of counter productive, yes? It does work for me, at times. I did something totally different. I played an old video game on my PS2. No, I don't have a PS3. I  do have FFX,and XII. (I have X-2 but we won't talk about that one) I have Kill all Humans! and God of War, Sonic the Hedgehog and all of the Zenosaga and .hack. I even have Myst III, and have diligently attempted to figure out all the clues, usually taking forever to do so.
I was lacking in play time. I worked, wrote, did the holiday baking and wrote again. My imagination was tired.
I went outside for a few minutes and watered the small garden we have growing. Peppers, one tomato plant, scallions, and herbs, all in pots so we can bring them inside when the weather gets gold or a hurricane approaches.
I talked to a cat who just happened to wonder by to see if I was doing anything of interest. The neighborhood ducks visited for a time, after the cat left. (Yes, real ducks, quacking merrily as they wandered from one pond to the next in our community)
Then I went to bed.
Now, here I am, typing away about stuff I like. The game is till running, just paused, while I helped get the turkey out of the pan to cool before we slice it up and I have another nice hot cup of coffee in front of me.
And I finally finished something.
Gotta go. I have to get to Raithwalls tomb.

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