Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Daily Grind

I've heard of this for most of my life ad I have had many thoughts as to it's meaning. As a child, I was uncertain. Do adults perform some mundane task to turn rocks into sand? Is it how old people seem to shrink, worn away by the passage of time?
Silly, how children think.
As a young adult, I thought it was for older people, something that happened to you after you reached a certain age. It made your face wrinkle and frown lines appear, those red, bloodshot eyes facing you in the mirror each morning. It was the way life ate at you, so unhappy in your existence in that job you were forced to take to pay all those bills.
You take on responsibilities, marriage, children, new car, new house to hold those children and a place to park that car. Those responsibilities force you into a certain path, one which eventually saps you of joy, creativity, diversity, and the opportunity to take risks. After all, one does not risk ones child or ones family, does one?
Young people. What can I say?
Age changes your outlook. Not very dramatic, nor original, as statements go. Lot's of people have said that and know that. But it is still true.
I decided many years ago that the true understanding was much simpler.
Get up.
Go to kitchen.
Make coffee. GOOD coffee. Grind the beans if you have too. Cappuccino machine. Foam the milk. Cinnamon? Vanilla? Sip. Make happy sounds.
The daily grind is good.
Life is good.
Yes, it is simplistic. It may even be silly. I don't care. You see, I believe in the K.I.S.S. principle.
Keep It Simple Stupid!
Life can be that easy. You go to work and face the day. Are you smiling? Why not? Are you expecting the JOB to make you happy? Your co-workers? The customers, God forbid?
No one can MAKE you happy. Either you are and you have found the secret or you are not and you are waiting  for somebody to hand you the secret.
They won't. Stop waiting. Nobody else knows what will make you happy, except you.
Find what makes you happy. It could be right next to you. It isn't. What? It's not the perfect mate/companion/ significant other? It's not making more money? It's not having a bigger, badder, shinier, new toy in the garage?
No. Your companion is someone to share happiness with. You have to find it first, before you can share. Sometimes you can look for it together, which is always nice. Makes it easier to find.
I don't have a garage. I have a carport. In the carport is an older passenger car that runs good and gets good mileage. It needs a bath. Behind it is my death machine, a 150cc scooter. Such a bad boy am I.
So start your quest for happiness.
Step one. Go to kitchen.
Step two. Make good coffee.
Step three. Sip.
Step four. Repeat.
 Ahhh. Happy sounds.

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